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About us

Filming from Whole Hog with Peter Ford


KNOWIT.TV came about when we had a heap of wonderful instructional and documentary style
programs produced for over a decade and we thought there must be a heap of people around
the world who would really enjoy watching some of these programs.
Preserving food, Sausage making, Garden series, Vegetable Gardening, Butchery, Kelpie history. 
Some of our programs produced long ago "Old School" we've categorized them were produced
with the leaders in there field some of these people are now gone, but there secrets still remain.
We have some new programs in the pipe line and are always keen to hear of anything you think
we should make a program on.
All our videos are available for purchase on DVD which also make as a great present. All the
DVDs are multi region, so the will play worldwide. Orders are sent same day.
Gains you access to your purchased video so you can view that title as many times you like
with in 3 days.
At this stage most of our videos are available for download. If you do purchase a download,
please be respectful of copyright. So we can continue to make content


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